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Since 2018

Our Mission

360 Cooperative Advisors is committed to the preservation of affordable housing through a studied caretaking of the financial, physical and personal needs of a community, with the aim of providing a high quality of life for all.

Meet The Team

Cooperatives struggling with deteriorating structures, mounting debt, and pressure for change often lack options.

When we work with a co-op, our mission is to create a solution where members benefit economically without sacrificing home security, work that we feel is all the more important as affordable housing options dwindle across the country.

We can provide a thorough assessment of your project’s current condition and financial needs, all with an eye towards re-creating the successes we’ve had with previous co-ops, applying a proven balance of techniques to preserve your housing and improve your quality of life immeasurably.

Resident Owners FAQ

Our time working with cooperatives helped us develop an expertise in handling the specific, acute needs these communities have.